Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Work in Progress revisited

I am nearly at the stage where I want to do the quilting on the Cloud Puppy. But I wanted to try a technique out first.

This dragon has been a Work in Progress for sometime. I did it for the Fast Friday Challenge - Monochromatic and Perspective. Only I was never very happy with the result of the various greenish Lumiere paints which showed their metallic side more than the green.

So, I have taken it off the background. Cut off some of the outlining and am putting it onto a dark fabric in a similar way as I did the Cloud Puppy. Then I will cut round the whole thing and go from there. Then I will do the new technique and see if it will suit the Cloud Puppy.

working title now? The Swamp Dragon. The new background fabric I have chosen works so much better.

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