Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Swamp Dragon - progress

So, I mentioned that I cut off the gold coloured outline from the dragon. Instead, it has been placed on a dark background. Then I fused it and cut round the dragon. You can see the difference already when just placed on the dark teal backing.
Compare with yesterday's photo. The dark colour works better because most of the areas are places where there should be shadow. Because the gold colour read as light instead of shadow, the original piece didn't work.

I took the solid looking areas off - these were added previously to 'ground' the dragon on the background. Later I also added the dark edging to them as well and replaced them when I put the dragon on the new background.

seeing how it looks and checking placement

I am really excited about the background fabric. It is simple cotton with a wax batik patterning. But because the colour is mottled, it works to make it look like the light is shining off areas. This makes it have a sort of metallic look to it and so it works really well with the dragon because of the metallic paint around it.

Tomorrow the results of the new techinque I was trying.

If you want to see how this dark outline looks in other work, you should look at how Terry Grant uses the process. She works with individual small pieces and then builds up the whole...explained in her recent post.

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