Wednesday, 1 May 2013

walker caddy

We had the last couple days visiting family in Yorkshire.

When my mother-in-law went into a home, I thought it might be useful for her to have a sort of caddy from her walker. That way she doesn't get all the way to the loo and find she has left her comb on the other side of the bed. Or if she is trying to take something somewhere, it is hard to use the walker and hold onto something at the same time.

I finally got around to making this up on Saturday for the TV Offcuts sewing group. I put buttonholes in straps an sewed the buttons on when we went to visit. when the straps are buttoned in place, it keeps the caddy from swinging back and forth and knocking her down.

It can be changed round, depending on which pockets she finds most useful. But for now


I think she was quite chuffed. And it wasn't hard to do either.

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