Thursday, 18 April 2013

Final Exhibition at Gallery@49 - Jenny Parkes

I have been working on the research for Map 4. In the meanwhile, I went to the Private view of the final exhibition at Gallery@49. You may remember we had the privilege to exhibit our work from the first TVCT exhibition - Whatever Floats Your Boat.

This final exhibition is called Foundation: ReOrsa Founders Finale. Bracknell is on the verge of a big regeneration project, so businesses and charities have had to move out of their premises...some are even now searching for an alternative. The 3 artists - Janet Curley Cannon, Tonia Maddison, Jenny Parkes - who began the project are completing their time at this site by putting on the last exhibition. If you can get to Bracknell on the weekends the next 3 weeks, do try to go and see the work.

I will show a few glimpses over the next week.

When you first enter the gallery space, you see the work of Jenny Parkes on the wall to the right.
sorry not very clear, and I can't find very many images of Jenny's work online. If I can get back there, I will try to get a better photo.

Jenny Parkes is a collector of discarded items which once were of use. She has recently had a solo show here, so this time she had decoratively displayed a Gunter's Chain. There was signage with information about how the chain had previously been used in surveying, but my photo is too blurry to post. You can read about it here.
Connecting rather well with the thought that the buildings which will soon be knocked down could very well have been originally surveyed using such a chain.

Jenny had also created 2 3D wall pieces incorporating images and print with references to the upheaval soon to take place in the area.

I have seen some of Jenny's collections before. Having an interest in rusty items and bits and pieces with their own patina, I find them fascinating...each with their own story if one could tease it out.

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