Thursday, 25 April 2013

ALAW - week 17 and sewing show

Here is week 17 of the stitched flag letters for A Letter A Week.

You can read about the theme here.

Have you watched the recent sewing series on BBC2? I found it a very good balance of contest to information. Of course with only 4 episodes of 1hour each, there are a lot of things which were left out. But I think it will spark interest in going to find out the things you didn't understand.

And as many have commented, it was a breath of fresh air to have a sewing contest related programme where the contestants were civil to one another. Kudos to the producers for showing the camaraderie of making rather than turning it into something full of jealousy and verbal haranguing. (Like the American Project Runway and the British Project Catwalk.)

photo of the telly

It looks like it will help to create a resurgence of interest in sewing. I understand that following the first episode you couldn't find a bias binding maker anywhere! The shops were all sold out.

If you want to watch the programmes, they can be found on You-Tube.

They are already looking for contestants for next year. I don't qualify, but maybe you do? Have a look here to find out how to apply.

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