Friday, 15 March 2013

work in progress

I mentioned last week that I was attempting a larger version of one of my fire creatures. Actually, I didn't say it was a fire creature, I just left you to guess. I am using the template version from a cartoon. (Using the term Cartoon defined as "a preparatory drawing for a piece of art".)

This was the background of the creature onto which I am putting colours. (reversed with the fused side up because the freezer paper is on the other side.) The mottled green will act as the lines in a line drawing. Or at least I hope it will.

I don't normally work this way and I am finding it Very tedious. It is very like a jigsaw, but a jigsaw that you have to choose and cut your own pieces and see if they work.

At any rate, I have finished the torso. When the whole piece is done, I will work into it with stitch.

This is stuck to the backing parchment at present, but pinned to the yellow background. The white section on the upper right is where the head will be fused when it has been 'coloured in'.

Now you can see why putting waistbands and hemming skirts is more attractive! I find myself standing to do this which means my legs go numb and I am finding parts of my back are going numb, too. What we do for our art...

I think I though that I have gained a bit of confidence that I can work my normal way in a larger scale. Most of the other fire creatures were journal size or smaller. But the tedium of this is making me itch to just get on with finding one in the fabric and carving it out (so to speak).

I still think it will be beautiful though! Even though at present (due to the colour choice) it rather looks like a lobsterish creature.

I am linking this to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


Nina Marie said...

ohhh it is beautiful - the curves lend so much motion! so I guess all that hard work is paying off!

Lisa said...

It is coming along beautifully!