Sunday, 3 March 2013

'And the Bead Goes On...' 24-28 Feb and 1-2 March

2013 - Week 9 Daily Beads

I thought I would try to make a beaded cage like is used for adhering a cabochon. I had never done this before, but have some books with instructions.
The first one is oviously more like a playpen! But I thought I would carry on and try to master get good at it. It probably works better if you are doing a curved edge and something that has dimension in the first place.

The playpen.

a few steps

I tried to gather the top edge in a bit with the white beads. I should have left well enough alone.

Then I tried to redeem it a bit with the caterpillar looking bits in the centre.

okay. anyone need a cage with caterpillars? Well it made for some interesting dimensional photos.

This is what it looked like before the sides were gathered in. I wanted to stop there. aren't they cute?

Nearly there - just a few adjustments needed, but it is the basic idea. need one more stack on the long sides and shorter stacks on the long sides in the centre ring.

Okay, I got side tracked. I love the little stacks. So, I resolved the issues of the outside ring from yesterday.

Then resolved the inside ring, but couldn't bring myself to join it up and pull it in.
So, I created more stacks and hoops. LOVE IT!

Here is a dimensional photo.

This version started with loops on the side instead of stacks.

You carry on doing loops til you can get it to lay down. Again, it is meant for cabocons which are dome shaped, so it would be alot easier.

A dimensional view.

The same version with smaller glistening beads. This took more rounds to get it to lay down and even then the 'cage' is not flat.

and dimension

Okay this is over the top, but it is the end of Feb and the end of the badges!
I loved the look of this. I can see why people get into beading necklaces and bracelets with this sort of building-a-fabric technique.

February Beaded Badges

March - like I said yesterday, I am trying striped beads for March. I have cut enough for the whole month, but may decide to only do a portion of the month with this colour.



Linda M said...

Wow the last "badges" took on a life of their own, very cool!

Mary Stori said...

I'm really enjoying the dimensional beadwork!

Kathleen Loomis said...

I hope you come back to the cages -- they are spectacular!

Sandy said...

HA! Thanks for the comments. The cages took up too much time. I didn't get much else done at all in Feb. But I am working on a plan!