Monday, 18 March 2013

fire creature 2/3 done

I am making progress on the fire creature. I have a working name, but will wait to see if it still fits at the end.

I haven't joined the torso and hind quarters, just overlapped for now. The large-ish pink piece on the body and the one on the hindquarters will need some extra stitchwork.

Interestingly enough, most of this has been cut from one piece of fabric! And I haven't even used half of it! The darker purple was from a small fused scrap I dug out of the bag for fabric beads. I wanted to use it in the areas which I thought would be more in shadow.

Most of the mess of paper has been cropped out of the picture. I think if I do things this way again, I will have a receptacle for the paper bits. At the start, I sometimes had to rummage for some bit I needed to check, so I was reluctant to put them straight in the bin.

At one point I thought this looks like something someone else would make. But I am starting to take control again, so it is becoming less of a paint by numbers and more intuitive.

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