Saturday, 2 March 2013

Something on Saturday

Up to last week this is what the beading area looked like.
Yes, somehow I managed to sew around all that mess.

The my friend Sue was going to come around. So, I did alot of tidying. and then I was going to invite Jeannie back here when she came from Paris, so we could work out if we both had the same idea about the talk and workshop last Saturday. So, I did even more tidying. You see it is worth having new friends round. The old friends have had to put up with whatever they get!

And after moving the pile that lived behind the overlocker, I have set up at the other side of the table. Being used to having a pile behind the overlocker, I don't think I will have a problem using it as I mostly just use it for finishing edges of seams and hems. But I plan to stack the bead trays (Pringles lids!) and cover them with a cloth just in case. I don't fancy chasing all those beads.
It doesn't look too tidy on the rest of the desk surface. But it is, I can actually find my letter project, my book project, my map project, and a couple "I might get back to these sometime" projects.

I decided to go with striped fabric for the fabric beads this month. I have a pile of fused scraps, but chose to fuse this white with blue stripe which I had overdyed pink...I think it was a yoke in a former was in with fabric from a friend.

It does look like it will fray easy, but I am hoping that by fusing the whole piece I will avoid too much fraying on the individual beads.

It doesn't take much fabric for 31 days worth of beads.

And for week 9 of ALAW

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