Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thanks and slow progress

Thanks so much for the comments yesterday. It was very encouraging. Sometimes you just need confirmation that it is okay to disregard unsolicited advice if it is not in line with what you see to be your goals. Some people are very boldy verbal and give a sense that their ideas aren't to be questioned. Not always the case.

Today I have been doing some of the slow parts of this piece. Not having worked larger much - or at least on this type of piece, I am using the 'draw a cartoon' process. (Using the term Cartoon defined as "a preparatory drawing for a piece of art".)

I am not sure if I will always work this way. But for now, this is something that is making me feel more confident in the outcome. I am going to be using highly variagated hand dyed fabrics, so I think I can use the cartoon parts to select the areas of colour I think will work best in different areas.

I like using mechanical pencils with softish lead - but this is one of the side effects of using the light box to trace onto freezer paper.

I am seeing this piece as a step to an even larger piece. So I am open to using 'crutches' for confidence. It is somewhat less intuitive than I normally work, but if I can get the scary bits out of the way on this one, the next one should might be easier!

Ha. Possibly.

or at least I might be able to construct it more freely.

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