Thursday, 14 March 2013


Finished another one of the winter skirts I had cut out at the end of January. I have been working on them a bit at a time. Most of the rest are at the point of putting waistbands on and hemming up.
The lines do go straight across, it is just the hanger off kilter.

I am thinking of doing a bit of tone on tone stitching on this for interest. But I will wait til I have the others finished...otherwise it will cause the others to linger in the work in progress pile til next winter!

Here is the button on the pleat bit. The button is mottled blue, but darker than it looks, the light was bouncing off of it.

They say it is going to be cold again next week! I remember sitting in the sun in the garden some years in March. But not this year. Instead I am quickly going out to the garden to dump out the ice from the bird's water and get them some fresh. Then rushing back in.

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