Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sorting beads - planning

When I am getting to the end of a little bag or container of beads, I often sort them into groups so I can get an idea of how many are there and what I can do with them. I discovered this was the best way after too many times of scrambling round to find something similar to finish something off.

So here are these light pink beads divided into groups of 4.
I am aiming to do 'stacks' with a different colour anchor bead. So 4 is a reasonable number. From this I can see I can do about 2 fabric beads, each with a moderate amount of stacks.

At the top you can see some misshapen beads. I have a little bag I am collecting beads that aren't shaped right or don't fit over the eye of the needles I use. There have been times that I need to work out a way to get just one or two more, so I go to the misshapen ones and mix them in so they aren't too obvious. The long beeding needles are thinner and it is possible I might be able to use some of the ones in the 'reject' packet. But if not, it is just fun too see how many I end up collecting!

I am doing a few extra fabric beads this week to get a little ahead because Easter weekend is going to be rather full. This is allowed in my set of 'rules'.

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