Saturday, 16 March 2013

Something on Saturday

Some time ago people on other lists seemed to be collecting the fluff from their dryers and doing something with it...
I forward...

I felted some wool pieces in the washing machine a few years ago and then dried it in the tumble dryer. It seemed to be a waste to put it in the bin, because it was mainly wool, not random fluff.

Fast forward again...when I was sorting through drawers for bits and pieces to take to the workshop Jeannie was doing, I came across the bag with the purple fluff. So, I decided it would be better off for the birds to use it. I finally got around to putting it out there today.

Not sure if they will fancy it or if all of them are done with the building part of nesting or not. (We have some robins nesting in the ivy.)

Now it looks a bit like a funny face looking in my window.

My son and I have been watching the antics of the magpies flipping and flopping round in the big tree behind the fence. They take some of the smaller parts of branches flip and flop around til it breaks off, then hop hop hop up the limbs like stairs to where they are making the nest. They do some pretty good weaving up there focussed they carried on with it even in the high winds last week.

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