Tuesday, 12 March 2013

out of the back of the drawer into use

Just a no-brainer I did yesterday.

Because we had cold winds and snow (again!) and because my legs hurt a lot when it is cold, I decided to make these long johns more useful. I have farm girl calves, so the stitching on the cuffs was too tight and made my legs hurt even more.

I didn't get a before photo, but I chopped the cuffs off. Then hemmed the legs by turning up once and stitching with a 3-step zig zag. I also stretched it out as I sewed. the next time they are washed, the stretching will go back to normal, but the 3-step zigzag will allow it to stretch without the stitches popping. By the way, I used the jersey stretch needle - info in this post.

basic long johns on a hanger! Now I will actually wear them.

I pinned the cuffs to the top of the hanger so you can get the idea of the previous look. These will go into the refashion box - you never know where they could end up in the future.

Yes, I am working on the current piece on the wall...just slowly.

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