Monday, 11 March 2013

Mothering Sunday special things

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday.
A Certain Young man cooked a steak dinner!

and gave me these...

He likes being sent a link and a suggestion list. Then he doesn't have to leave the house to find anything... And I end up with something I need rather than a trinket to collect dust! These Nymo beading threads were from Spellbound Beads. Several of these colors I am nearly out of.

Also, I got one of the winter skirts I cut out in February finished. I better finish the rest and then perhaps the winter will actually go for good!
A bit of a creased lap from sitting the morning in church.

and my signature button at the back. something of interest, but keeps the top of the pleat from too much stress.
placed on the ironing board for the photo

This button was a handmade button I bought at a craft show sometime ago. I like how the holes are set for it to be sewn en pointe. But that the little pink notches give it a skew-whiff look.

I found the little bag with the buttons in when I was sorting the bead drawer. They are all one off colours, so this will be a good use for them if I have skirts they go with.


Kathleen Loomis said...

neat idea to sew a button on the pleat -- but isn't it annoying to sit on it?

Sandy said...

Hi Kathy,
thanks for the comment.
Actually, it isn't a problem. It ends up under your legs below the point where they are close together. Because that is about the height of the pleat which functions as ease for walking - for me anyway. Others may do them higher for showing leg!