Saturday, 9 March 2013

wee beads

You might enjoy this story from last Sunday (3rd March).

I have been using these wee beads to stitch onto the fabric beads this week.

That is a 5p peice, the beads are laying in Pringles lids, and you can just see the cutting mat in inches and a length of normal sewing thread. Small right? This is after using them for a week. So at the beginning of the week there would have been a lot more, right?

Picture me brushing past the beading station holding my rucksack and handbag to open the blind before I went off to church...just moving away to the door...recognising the sound of a trillion little blue beads falling onto the carpet.

So Sunday afternoon the Thoughtful Man saw me get a cushion from the settee and then heard a bit of groaning. Then a search for a batteries for the LED light. And eventually came to see what was going on. And although he thought it would be easier just to Hoover them up, he got down there with me and we found them all!

I am soo glad it was only the little blue ones!

PS I am getting some sewing bifocals. !! My eye appointment showed my long distance and my reading glasses aren't changed enough to get new ones. BUT, I explained the difficulty of threading needles at the length you'd read a book and she came up with the idea of bifocals with a bit for seeing the small things. My normal/unassisted focus is about 10cm/4in from the end of my nose. So, I had been taking off my glasses or looking over or under them to try to thread needles or stitch wee beads onto little fabric beads. These should help. and they can save me money by using the frames from an out of date prescription pair of sunglasses.

So I will have 2 pairs of reading glasses(one for the sewing room), my old long distance prescription pair for the computer, bifocals for reading and looking up - such as when teaching or doing workshops or in church, the current long distance pair for driving and the rest of life and another dark pair of those for sunglasses. Add to that the "SEWING glasses" and I am all set! I will be able to see just what I want to where ever it is that I want to look at it!

Oh, I think I need a bigger handbag.


irenemacwilliam said...

something fine held over the opening of the edge tool of the vacuum cleaner makes easy lifting of small items like beads. Used to be a piece of old stocking in my young days.
I think one of the beads loooks like a beetle stranded on its back. Irene

Sandy said...

yes, I can see which one you mean!

I thought of thetrick you mention, but with the state of the carpet, I was worried I'd have to take as long sifting through the debris! LOL
I am going to actively look for one of those 'dustbuster' sort of tools. The knees can't cope any more.