Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The other day when I was in town, I saw these books of postcards for not much money. I didn't buy them then, but I kept thinking about them. I quite like the way Jamie Fingal uses Luggage tags like mini sketchbook pages.

So, yesterday when I went to collect my sewing glasses, I went back to get the postcards. I decided to get a few booklets in case I decided to do some sort of weekly project or something with them. As it turns out, the shop is one that will have to move in the upcoming Bracknell Regeneration project. So, even though they sell things at next to nothing anyway, they have soooo much stuff, they are now trying to get rid of it. and so instead of £2.25 for 3 booklets of postcards, I was only charged £2! I may get some more next week when I am in town again.

I was thinking of how Kathy Loomis had sent her mother postcards daily for several years. I never did get into the big fabric postcard fad that was happening a few years ago. I did a few for a fund raiser Karey Bresenhan was doing. But they weren't really up my street. However, just now, my Mother-in-law is in a home, my mother is having surgery tomorrow, etc. And I just thought it would be nice to send something now and then...maybe once a week. (Not daily because postcard postage is the same as normal postage now and I can't afford nearly £30 per person in postage each month.)

So anyway, I was clearing up the scraps from the fire creature and decided to do a postcard. I used some of the scraps and a small version of the original idea for the fire creature. The scraps already had fusible web on them.
I quite like the composition of the scraps.

While doing it, I was still thinking about how this might develop and if I would actually have time to add making a weekly postcard or two into the schedule of regular things I am already doing (very behind on the Journal Quilt maps!)

But you know when you are being directed to do something for some reason? Well, at dinner, my husband told me another family member got results of tests today which will mean she will be going through a great deal of difficulties in the months to come...and I realised this was the Plan.
And you know, when someone else is going through something hard, a few minutes a week is not too great a sacrifice.

So, I went ahead and made another. I used one of the trial letters from my (stalled) 'How to write a good letter' altered book project.
I will send this one first and the other one next week because sending something about myself is not really what I want to do for the first one.

I don't think she reads the blog, but if she does, she will know she has something to look forward each week that comes from my heart to say, "I care."

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Margaret Cooter said...

It's a very good Plan. I have a friend in similar difficulties, who loves to get "real mail" - you're right, it takes very little time&effort to do something from the heart.