Monday, 4 March 2013

on the design wall

Feeling productive today...started initial plans for a new project. Probably for the Stretching Art entry, but I have been developing other ideas which will be along the same theme and should work for the TVCT 'Halfway Between' challenge.
The fabric has been up for a while, but today I made real progress on the design work. I am about ready to start chopping fabric! I did have a lengthy ordeal with PaintShopPro trying to work out how to print something large on several pages so I could stick them together. I did do it, but couldn't work out how to ask it the easy way to do it, so it took a lot of fuss.

I will leave you to guess from the colours what it could possibly be! Finally going big or at least bigger than I normally work.

Small clues coming through the week. I think I want to work on it pretty steadily without a lot of discussion til it is nearly ready. Will take photos!


irenemacwilliam said...

Have you tried
for doing the job

Sandy said...

Oh thanks! That sounds like a plan. I thought I should be asking/searching for posterizing, but it didn't seem to recognise the word except for turning an image into a poster-looking image. Even when I asked Google and specified the programme.

I am hoping to need to do this again, so I will definitely try that resource.