Tuesday, 26 March 2013

harris tweedlike skirt

I finished another one of the winter skirts I started in January. Some how I am beginning to think that if I don't get them done we will never have Spring! I have 2 winter ones left. They only need the waistbands and hems done. I have been grateful for the ones I did finish!

The actual colour isn't as bright a blue as this. The daylight bulbs in my room are lighting it a bit too much. It is more of what some call Air Force blue.

This fabric was a bit of a surprise when I went to cut it out. I think I picked it up at a sale over at the National Needlework Archive. So, I just went by the length and cost on the tag they had added. But when I went to lay it out, I discovered it was the very narrow width one associates with hand woven wool like Harris Tweed. Okay, it hasn't got a mark, but it feels of the same quality.

At any rate, I just managed to get the front and back cut out both on the fold...no room for a back seam. So, it has a lapped zip at the left hip. I am looking forward to wearing it to the Good Friday services. We are going to meet up with some other churches so I will need something warm for travelling there!

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