Wednesday, 27 March 2013

a bit of sorting

I spent some time today doing a bit of refashioning. I need to get a photo of me wearing a sweater I turned to a cardigan, so I will show that another day.

But recently there was a posting on Refashion Co-op where the garment was too big, so as well as some side shaping, the lady did some pin tucks which really worked to get the blouse to her size.

So, I thought perhaps this blouse might benefit from something similar. I made it January 2012 when I was trying to get a blouse pattern right. (Eventually I tossed that pattern and went for another one that worked better.) At any rate, I thought this blouse could still be worn, so I carried on to finish it.

However, it is so uncomfortable for many of which is that the neckline area was far too big. You can even tell while it is on the hanger. The area that caves in at the front? well it flops out when I wear it.

So I thought I would try the pin tucks.
looks good!

and now the blouse is better!

Okay, lets be honest. It is still rather wrong - short arms, shoulder seams falling to the back and a lot of other things. BUT. the neckline is quite a bit better, though it could do with a bit more taking out horizontally.
It also fits better in the bodice front so the neckline will stay somewhere closer to where it is meant to. I think I can wear it with a cardigan which will keep all the sleeve stuff in place, and I think hope the neckline will be less uncomfortable.

I will give it another try at wearing it and if it is still too uncomfortable then maybe just toss it or something.

The cardigan is a success. I just want to get a photo with it on. But I forgot when I had the flowery one and can't be bothered to get all my warm layers off again to try it out!

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