Tuesday, 2 October 2012

what I have been doing

Yesterday, recovering from a bad head.

Today, sorting cupboards.

1 - 3 nearest bags - clothes and curtains for the charity shop
2 - next 3 bags - scraps for Albert Road Day Centre clients to make fabric bowls
3 - last few bags - bigger bits of fabric and lengths that I will never make up to go to college to sell in their periodic fabric sale for funds for the Visual and Performing Arts department.
4 - box - full of sample posh fake fur bits I collected from the cupboard from the college where I did C+G. (Probably 2005 when they were having a clear out for the building to be refreshed!) I am going to find someone who does teddies who might like it. I thought I would, but really, I never did make teddies!

Nearly all if not all of the lengths were given to me in the first place.

Scraps...Well I used to do Crazy Quilting, but really, why did I save so much little useless pieces. I have kept enough silk scraps back to do a big crazy quilt if I ever wanted to. Or to use for wee bits of colour in fabric collage. But it is managable now.

I may actually be able to go to the cupboard and get just what I need now.

Still one fabric cupboard and the one behind these bags to sort which has just had things bunged in because there wasn't room where they should go. There are actually spaces in the other cupboards now to put things like a big bag of felt someone gave me.

It means I can get on with some of the ideas in my head with out the cluttered cupboards shouting at me. Just a hazard of teaching I guess. workshop boxes under the desk could be sorted too. Maybe next week.

I could get rid of more things that I haven't used in ages and probably won't. But this will do for now.

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