Thursday, 11 October 2012

Snowy Night - the result of the past few days

If you have been following the past few days, you can see the development of my latest journal quilt. I started with trying out a background technique by Cynthia St. Charles and then ended up doing damage limitation and finally have developed a pretty reasonable piece of work.

Today I worked on the stitching. I chose several different blues relating to what I wanted to accomplish with the area I was quilting.

The sky

The trees

The snowy field

A bit more touch up on the Moon

The whole


Edge stitched

The back

and hanging up! Complete.

-Although I didn't go where I headed, I did find the background helps to blend different shades/tints of blue.
-I like the different colour background fabrics. It gives a lot of interest and depth.
-I might use blue pearl paint for snowy highlights in the future.
-The paint does change the hand considerably, but it is okay on a small piece. Not sure I would like it on a large piece.

I seem to have tried ways to depict the dark in the past while. Although I wasn't setting out to depict the dark this time, I am quite pleased with the results because they do depict the dark without being murky. I know I have been in scenes like this in my youth when I waited tooo long to go up and milk the cows! (no electricity).

I am linking this to Off the Wall Friday at Nina-Marie's. Go see what everyone else has been up to!


Nina Marie said...

i"m struck with how wonderful it is to do these journals as little art studies - not only would they make a nice gift but you can try new and different things without investing too much into a big project doing it!

Sylvia said...

I love blue, so this really appeals to me. The stitching is wonderful, well done!

Anonymous said...

It has a very ethereal quality. I like it.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the comments. I like doing the journal quilts. I usually set myself a plan for what I would like to learn about for the year. I got confident about free machine quilting through one year working on a felted old wool blanket - also dyed with koolaid, so was working with colour a bit, too that year.

This year I am trying still life or other depictions of fruit as well as trying to discover what would work for interesting backgrounds to a scene.