Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chasing Backgrounds - Woven Tumbling blocks

Et Voila!

Here is the finished Journal Quilt. My favourite colour turquoise blue. I think for this one it is enough, I won't try to take it further. It was about the experiment. I think it might make too much of a statement to work as a background unless your foreground image was a silhouette.

I quilted along the tops and bottoms of the 'sides' of the blocks. Then looked to see what else to do. However, that made the lighter tops of the blocks float nicely which really helps with the optical illusion concept. So, I have left the lighter fabrics as is. Because they were cut on the bias, they won't fray, so can cope with being left unquilted.

Next month I may try the silhouette idea with the first woven piece I did when I started this. There are 2 more blue pieces to do. With the plan I am working to, they should be fruits. We will see!

I might try to get ahead so I don't have to fret over how to fit it in during December.

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