Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Not' Blacknwhite

It started out to be blacknwhite, but rather got coloured in.

Even him upstairs - (A Certain Young Man who Has Opinions) - says it's Not black and white. Even if you use it for a background for a black and white something. And wouldn't the black and white something get lost in the background?

I guess you are right.

Nice fence with ivy though, don't you think? I enjoyed the drawing with the machine and the colouring in with coloured pencils. Smiley

The blacknwhite thing was going to go in the general area of the vacant spot in the ground, so no point in scribbling grass in there. But instead I turned it into a worn patch. I think someone plays ball in the garden here.

Okay. Try again.

This, by the way is fully 'drawn' with thread through 3 layers. But I won't finish the edge yet. It might want to be part of something else some day, who knows.

The original fabric before the thread drawing and colouring in.
you can just see the print areas in the piece - adds a bit of depth. and in the worn patch, I drew over the cracks to make the ground.

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