Wednesday, 24 October 2012

BlacknWhite - this one!

Okay, I realised this print (from my pile of screen print fabrics) is the one which works as a background for the 'something black and white' that I want to put against it.
Which is...Pepper! A sketch I did of her in March 2009.

I really miss my little friend hanging out with me in here. So I thought that would be a great idea for Memories in Black and White.

In the above photo I was working out placement. Now I have started thread sketching over the image. The actual sketch was done on pink post it note! So, I took it into Paint Shop Pro, used the colour changer tool to convert the pink background to white. Then printed it out onto cotton printer fabric. Because the sketch was done in pencil, the graphite was read as grey with a cyan hue. I was just going to stitch over the image to give definition, but because the image looks grey, the black definition stood out too much.

So, I have started colouring her in!

unfortunately, I had decided to leave the 'shadow' on the image when I fused it to the background. So I will have to colour it in as well so it doesn't look like it is a lighter area. She did have white on her chin, but only in front. and white on her chest, which doesn't show in the sketch, and her toes, which does show.

Will work on it more tomorrow when I have a bit more brain.

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