Monday, 29 October 2012

Old Streets, Snickleways and Half-timbered Houses

or BlacknWhite York piece.

Today I had a play with stitching a different design into each section on the BlacknWhite piece that I did last week which I said reminded me of York.

I got some of the ideas from Dijanne Cevaal's book 72 Ways Not to Stipple or Meander. She also has another book 72 More Ways Not to Stipple or Meander. You can purchase them from her by following the links in the sidebar of her blog.
Another place where you can get ideas for quilting patterns is from Leah Day's blog. She developed 365 different designs and has a weekly programme for working out ways to use them.

Anyway, I used this as a chance to play really, and try out ideas. Small chances, but there we are! The point was not for them to really be seen, so I used white thread on the centres of the sections.

There were already loads of lumps and bumps due to the seaming in the piece, so I used a few scraps of wadding for this one. What's one or two more bumps to sew?

The back shows the stitching a bit better even though it is white on white.

and here is the completed A4 piece. For now, it will be the companion piece to the Pepper piece for the Grosvenor show journal quilt challenge due end November.

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