Monday, 8 October 2012

Now is our Discontent made Glorious

Apologies, Mr. Shakespeare.

Remember the disappointing results of the parfait dyeing? Well, I took some of the pieces to see what would happen if you overdyed them with indigo.

And here, my dear friends are the Glorious results!
Okay, something is happening with the camera and the lounge light, but you can see it is soooo much better than pale orange and peach. The underneath colour is now more like a pinkyblue.

And these are some overdyed turquoise pieces. Believe me they are much better in person. But also I would have done ALL of the turquoise ones if I could have stitched them without damaging the tendon in my finger on my right hand. As it was the teacher (Janice Gunner) finished stitching the right one for me.

And here is the piece I showed you that had been dipped in my friend's vat.

A piece of white ramie and an overdyed blue linen

Some scrunched cotton lawn. In the end, I loved the scrunched look enough to just do more of it while the vat was there (we each had our own vat) and instead of damaging my hands further. I might have been able to stitch this, but was running out of time.

I am sooo trying the scrunch technique with other dyes. I have done scrunch in small containers. but Janice suggested scrunching then packing several of them in net bags which fruit is sold in.

I did some silk pieces too with varying results. But don't want to bore you with them all.

There are a couple pieces that knock you out with the result! Ha. But I am not showing them because I think they want to be something in their own right and so I want to wait til I am ready to work with them.


Mary Stori said...

Fabulous.....if they are truly better in'd have to worry about their safety in my presence!!

Sandy said...

Now to see what they want to be and how to use them to best effect.

Kit Lang said...

the overdyeing results are great!

Margaret Cooter said...

oo, those look VERY good!!