Sunday, 7 October 2012


Fabrics rinsed and in the wash.
I am soooo exhausted. I just fell in bed when I got home. I am heading back there soon!

Here are a few glimpses of the work.
Other student work out on the line to dry.

Some of mine drying indoors.

I was struggling with my hands so much that I got quite behind on the stitching. For many of these, I was stitching on some failed dye experiments I wanted to overdye with the indigo. Most of it was poplin and I really struggled to stitch it. So, I never did get mine outdoors. But, it dried this way overnight.

I knew I have troubles with grip nowdays with opening jars and the like, but I haven't had such a struggle with hand stitching before. I want to do more of this, but I will have to work with linen, muslin and silk so I can actually stitch it better.
So, it will be my signature, right? Everyone else can do cotton and I will do loose weaves.

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Julie said...

I'm with you Sandy on the loose weaves. I have terrible problems with stitching for shibori and have been put off doing workshops on it because of the amount of stitching and pulling involved. I think loose weaves and other types of resist like clamping and so on is the way to go.