Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BlacknWhite - Cows

As I am on a roll here... I thought of another Black and White Memory to depict. You may not know that I grew up on a farm where we had no electricity or running water. No one at my school lived this way. Some memories are not anything I look back on with joy.(an understatement)It was hard work!

However, that aside, it was my job to look after the cows. Which also involved milking 2 of them every morning and evening and either leading (being dragged)them to the creek for water or lugging 2 5gallon buckets of water up from the creek to them - repeatedly till they had drunk their fill. So, having escaped the farm to the ease of surburbian England, I became a collector of cow things in my kitchen. Eventually there were way too many and I don't dust very often. Put it this way, when I do dust, I have to use the hoover!

So, I have now rather limited the cows to one or two I quite like and any that are a bit fun. I have been looking for a way to depict my own abstracted cows for a while. So, when I was thinking what else I could do for this black and white theme, I happened to notice the cloth serviettes we are using tonight. The cows torso is like a black and white checkerboard. Funky.

I thought, okay I could use some of the black and white printed fabric and see what I can come up with. almost straight away I came up with shapes I liked, but it took a while to find fabrics that suited for background. I was going to use the pale print I used on the Ivy piece, but I wasn't very happy with the look. I probably would have ended up adding 'grass' and would have had another Not BlacknWhite piece on my hands.

So, here was the selection and placement idea when I went to bed last night.

Tell me what you think. Fun?

Today I am working on it further, but I will post the steps tomorrow.

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