Monday, 22 October 2012


This week I am trying a few things with these black and white screen printed fabrics I did some time ago. I have an aim in mind, but I am not sure what sort of background I want to use.

Today's background is made using Kathy Loomis' method of piecing. It is far too graphic for what I had in mind -it would overwhelm the image I want to put in front. But I absolutely love it! It is up on the wall to see where I will take it from here. This is just the top - A4 size. At the moment it looks like it might just be a stand alone piece. It is kind of saying something about York to me.
old street maps, snickelways and half timbered buildings come to mind.

I want to enter the Memories in Black and White Journal Quilt challenge put on by the Grosvenor shows. If I get my original idea done, I will tell you when it works. Not ready for advice at this point. But it will be okay to do more than the 2 you need to send. You can send multiples of 2.
So, now, rather than doing 2, I am looking at doing 4. See how things mount up? Well at least I am way ahead of my normal self. The entry is due the end of November.

Is this a plus side of not teaching...that you can do work for things and actually be ahead? Or is it a minus in that you opt to do things you would not have done before? Am I doing more work now or less? Interesting questions.

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