Friday, 12 October 2012

Knitting and Stitching Show

Today I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show. Very tired. But happy with what I saw and what I purchased. I helped at the Quilt Guild Stand for a while and happily chatted about some of the winning quilts from the Festival of Quilts which were displayed. I met a young lady who doesn't live too far from here who may come to the next TVCT meeting.

Also one or two other things from ArtVanGo.
I had a full loyalty card, so I had £10 off. More textile paints. I think the opaque yellow ones may be the solution to printing on darker things. I got some advice from Clare Benn, when I stopped by the Committed to Cloth Stand, who said I could try mixing some of it with the transparent yellow to use it up. (I have a big tub of the transparent yellow. It was what I tried to do a sun with the other day.) Either that, or I will be doing some yellow on lighter fabrics for some time to come!

Threads from Thread Studio. They come every year to K+S from Australia.
I emailed last week to see if they could bring some of the kinds here on the left that I got 2 of. I was nearly out, and when I went last year, they hadn't got any of those with them. So, Dale brought these and reserved them for me under the table. I really like working with these variagated threads, so I have a stock of them. I restock at Knit and Stitch.

I got to see what the Unfinishable work looked like. I had donated a piece to add to their collection. Something I did when I was in College! for my aunt who was having a baby. Now the baby is a grown man with at least 2 children, and who has been to serve in Iraq and came home safe. So, it was good to have it out of my head. I bought the book they did - some stories are very poignant. and was given a bag for participating.

and this was one of the exhibitions I really was taken with.
Called Jabberwocky. Nothing is what it seems! Little dancing fairy flowers which were made from very pointy vintage forks! a chandelier made from wine glasses, a jug pouring flowers made from more wine glasses, etc. and a very awesome Elizabethan gown which had 'Off with her head' burned into the fabric. There were even crowns made from chicken bones!

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