Friday, 26 October 2012

BlacknWhite - Pepper finished

I finished the quilting and then the edge stitching on the piece about Pepper today. If you are visiting via Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday, the link you followed should show the posts I have been doing this week in the lead up to this piece. If you want to read each of them in order, just scroll down to the bottom and work your way up to this post.

This was the original sketch I was working from...a small bit of post it note one day when she was in here being my friend. I am glad I did it, I have several photos of her doing things, but not many just being my friend.

I showed the thread sketching previously. I used regular black sewing thread which is much more like Pepper's fur than a rayon would have been. Photos don't really show, but I went over certain parts with black rayon to be highlights.

Here is the quilting finished.

and then hanging on the 'design wall'*.

A look at the back. I was getting too much of the black bobbin thread coming to the surface. Not too bad for the part I designated 'floor'. But I changed to grey bobbin for the top section which I designated 'wall'.

I think I will finish off the piece that reminds me of York, to submit with this one for the Grosvenor Show Journal challenge. I may get around to working up another Pepper one, but the idea for it has been in my head for ages. Trouble is, she was so black that it is hard to discern where the limbs stop and start in photos.

*Currently a black linen skirt I intend to refashion in some way! LOL


Sandy said...

Sandy- MY dog is also 'Pepper'! Love the way you've explored design ideas on these dog portraits. My Pepper doesn't lend himself to doing much, he's very hairy and I can't see his eyes! Thanks so much for the comments- I really like your work and check in occasionally with you too! Other Sandy

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Nice to see the progression!

Sandy said...

Sandy I did remember you called your dog Pepper. Thanks for stopping by. stay safe with Hurricane Sandy on the way.

Thanks for looking Lisa.

Nina Marie said...

wowsy - nice use of black and white - so glad you showed us the progression! Thanks for sharing!