Friday, 5 October 2012


Today I am going on the 'Winter School' with Contemporary Quilt at Great Missenden. I am taking the course by Janice Gunner about doing Shibori with Indigo. I have always wanted to do Indigo, but wanted a bit more hands on/teacher patter about the process of getting the Indigo dye bath going.

I am going to take this bit of cloth which was twisted and dipped in an indigo vat my friend had going one time. I want to get a bit more patterning in the light areas.

Even though it was a lot dearer in price and Great Missenden is not that far from here, I am going to stay there. I realised with evening and morning classes, I was not going to be very good with the getting up early and driving...let alone the coming home late.

Hope to have some fun things to show next week.

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