Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Threads and Needles

Yesterday in the C+G Fashion course, we talked about threads and needles. Sometimes the numbering system is a bit confusing. For needles, the smaller the size number, the smaller the needle. But for threads, the smaller the size number, the larger the thickness.

and then you see ball point, embroidery, metallic, jeans, twin and all sorts of other needles. What thread goes with what needle? and what about hand needles? So, we had an activity. I gathered all sorts of threads, and all sorts of packs of needles - machine and hand - and the students sorted through them matching sizes and needles. While they did, we talked about types of threads or needles they hadn't come across before. I think they made some interesting discoveries... "This thread is about as fine as a hair!" (invisible thread). "This is varigated, it must go in the embroidery pile...oh, it says cotton!" (I had used it to show them topstitching samples.)

If you want to find out a bit more about needles and threads you can go to these sites. Sewing machine needle chart and Selecting thread

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