Tuesday, 6 October 2009

a bit of a head day

The other day on one of the e-lists I am on, they talked about Googling your name to see what you discover. I have done it before but on a whim, I did it again. Other than finding some other Sandy/Sandra Snowdens with quite different life experiences, I came across a site with some of my work. I remember finding it before, but forgot.

Some people get annoyed to have their work pinched for another site. In this instance, I actually felt honoured. The site is for the Migraine Aura Foundation who has found my work "Colours of a Migraine" and used as one of their illustrations of artists who have tried to depict their migraines visually. They have linked to the image on my old website. So, they are giving credit. I see I am also listed as one of a list of "Self-reported migraineurs". Hmmm. Look who is also on the list of migraine artists!

Colours of a Migraine

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well, some days I have a very bad head...not quite a migraine, but you live in fear of it becoming one. Some days it is my own fault. I have had several neck injuries in the past and I know I will probably get a bad head the next day if I -lift heavy things - move furniture around - carry the laundry basket upstairs (WHY?) - and some other random things I have not been able to connect. Well, yesterday I did all of the above, except the laundry basket... but probably the equivalent of.

Okay, so you may say, stop doing it. Yeah, maybe I am too reticent...I don't want to bother someone so just get on with it. Maybe I am too proud...I don't want to come across as a weakling. and sometimes it is just not convenient to get an assistant. Like when you are trying to set up your classroom and lug in all your bumph including 2 boxes with jars of mixed dye, a sewing machine, an overlocker, and various soft briefcase-type bags of notebooks, books and papers. (not all at once.)

So, today I had a bad head. It didn't become a migraine (which sometimes looks a bit like this)...for which I thank God. But with a head that felt like the detail below, I also didn't get anything remarkable achieved.

Colours of a Migraine
Actually when I was trying to find the link again, I came across this image by my friend Irene MacWilliam, who it seems was on the same wavelength! The Migraine Aura Foundation has her work there as well on this page...scroll quite the way down.

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