Sunday, 11 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show - Swishing

So, I said I would talk about the "Swishing" at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

By the time I went to see what was going on, the main event had already happened. However, that gave me a chance to talk with the ladies from Sewing World Magazine who had organised it. They said it had been quite popular. People brought their things in the morning and were given a card with stamps for what they had brought. Then they came back at 1pm to exchange. They also had people who were set up to do a bit of altering or refashioning to your items if you wished.

Apparently for the most part, what was donated was pretty good. But they were a bit disappointed with the quality of stuff some of the school groups brought. Some of it was rather scrappy and poorly made, and yet the people who brought it went away with quality stuff. However, some of the lower quality things were snapped up by people who were actually looking for random t-shirt type things because they wanted to refashion them.

When I went, there was not much left, but the remaining items were on rails for £5 or £10 or jumble type stuff for £1. I had a look and found this linen jacket which is a great colour for me and pretty much my size. The length and cut are good or me, as well. Another lady found a very nice short olive coloured wool jacket that suited her colour and shape perfectly. The minute she held it up, I said that is perfect for you! She was afraid it wouldn't fit, but went off to try and came back round to tell me it did. She was very pleased.

However, I do realise the jacket I bought definitely doesn't want the white bias trim. We decided that someone must have put that on thinking it would make it doesn't. Also, the shoulders need taking in about 2 inches! Honestly! Even if wide shoulders are back, I don't think I want them that wide!

a bit crumpled from being in the bag

But, even with the alterations I will make, to get a Linen Jacket in my colour and style of cut for only £10. Not too shabby, I say. I couldn't buy the fabric for that.

Most of the other tutors and students were going up to the show today on a coach. It will be interesting to hear what they thought of "Swishing".

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Trudy Callan said...

That's great that you can take this jacket and make it your own.

I've looked at your different web sites and through this one, and I amazed at your creativity and skill that God has gifted you with. Beautiful work.