Friday, 23 October 2009

new challenge

The new challenge is up at the Fast Friday Fabric blog. I have an idea that is fun and that I can go with quickly and get done fast. (I hope!) Here is a glimpse of what I am thinking for fabrics.
But today was a bit odd. I didn't sleep well, so was up for hours tidying my studio. Well, it needed it. And then when I got up properly, I did some more tidying. I think it will help with the frustration of not getting much made. I haven't had much time for freely creating things. It has mostly been for courses and the like. You have seen photos of my studio before. I actually did something about piles of books! There is still plenty to do, but perhaps next week while I have off I will be more inspired to get something major started, or some WIP's finished.

Then I seemed to spend most of the afternoon in traffic, since I had to hand deliver my pay claim, due to the postal strike. I was out looking for something specific for my husband's up coming birthday, and thought I could get it in the Reading version of the store we have in Bracknell, but no. So, I had to come to Bracknell in rush hour and go to the shop before coming home. But, at least it is done.

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