Saturday, 31 October 2009


A few months ago I started hearing about "steampunk" because I followed a link to a gown someone made from a parachute. I found the idea very fascinating because I have actually been reading books that come under the genre of "Steampunk" but didn't know it was called that.
I found out alot more by going to the blog called the Steampunk Workshop. Basically, it is sort of an imagination based concept of what would things look like if some of the Victorian ideas like steam still worked to run modern technology. They look back at some of the ideas from classics like Jules Verne and science like the Babbage engine. It is also a bit of recycling and reworking thrown away things like typewriters.
Anyway, I think some of the items are cool! and I love the scifi "historical" adventure feel to the whole thing. We recently watched the film "City of Ember", which also falls into this genre.

Well, since it was half-term and I had also heard about an exhibition at the Bodlean in Oxford about bookbinding which has a book that Elizabeth the first had translated and embroidered and bound for Katherine Parr. It was to finish today. Then I heard the Museum of the History of Science was to have the first ever exhibition of Steampunk! So, my husband and I went up to Oxford today and saw them both! no photos of the bookbinding, but here are a few of the Steampunk items. There is a slideshow of some of the gadgets at Wired.
mechanical arm contraption


I also took several of the types of gadgets like astrolabes which inspire the ideas for Steampunk. I will show some of those tomorrow. I discovered I missed a talk on Tuesday about Steampunk and fashion!

Additional info on the exhibition: I just found out that there is a video about the exhibition and an explanation by the curator about Steampunk and some of the gadgets.

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