Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Flower Dragon

Today I took time out from college things. Although I have the space piece laid out on the table, I needed to do something that was a bit more motivating.

I need to do a dragon for the Contemporary Quilt Journal Project. Since I haven't done a dragon for a while, I thought I would start one. I had an idea, but when I opened the cupboard looking for fabric, the batik type flower fabric jumped out and said "Make me! I'm a Flower Dragon!" So, here is the start.

I fussy cut bits and pieces and laid them out in a dragon shape. The background is purples with green. I think inspired by one of the colour block samples one of my students did. The purple and green really buzzed together. I think they pick up the colours in the dragon fabrics. I have been wanting to try the idea of using a patchworky type background. Of course this is a cheaters version, because it is stripes cut up and fused to fusible vilene.

I am going to work into the patterned fabric now, to bring out the details of the dragon. That should be fun. I am also going to quilt the background.

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