Friday, 16 October 2009

fund raiser

The other day I had a phone call from a lady who plans to do a fund raiser Christmas Boutique at the Community Centre. Vendors will pay for a table and can sell items for Christmas. There will also be a tombola. The money raised in the tombola and from the hire of the tables will go to support the Thames Hospice Care in Windsor. It is a lovely respite for those going through difficult times with cancer.

The lady asked if I would like a table or if I'd be willing to donate anything to the tombola. She had been given my name from someone I know locally. Normally I don't do fundraisers. However, in the summer, I did donate several Journal Quilts to the Little Gems project which helped to raise just over £10,000 for the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York.
I decided the least I could do for a cancer charity is to donate something (s) to the tombola.

So, anyway, the above postcard was started well over a year ago. But after making about 2 others, I decided I am not really into doing small postcards. They take as much time as something bigger, so I may as well make something bigger! But, I can finish this one. So, I hope to do that tomorrow.

I am not sure I have enough items to sell on a table. But I intend to have a think. The date is early December, and I don't have time to make loads of things, but there may be something I can do.

Oh, so, why would I do this, which is not my norm?
Well, I lost one sister to cancer last Christmas. My brother has been having problems with skin cancer due to side affects from a kidney transplant 18 years ago, and just finished radiation treatment after having a large lump removed under his arm. And another relative is going through similar problems at present. I also had an aunt who died of cancer when I was small...So, yes, I will do this. I hope she raises quite a bit of money.

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