Monday, 5 October 2009

Inspiration Monday

I love the idea that people are welcome to make their way through this field from here to there.

Got any ideas for a title for the photo?


FunkyC said...

I want to walk this path, it is so beautiful!

Names? Mabye 'trodden green'? My head immediately jumped to Robert Frost (road less traveled). Or 'field's way', 'verdant path'? Not great ideas, but maybe they will help inspire you

Sandy said...

Cool ideas! I love Robert Frost. I had a teacher who taught us to love his work.

I had some similar ideas...Ancient pathways (although I think this one isn't ancient, but came about because in England people walk !) and when they built the dual carriageway, they built a pedestrian bridge (in the middle of nowhere) so you could walk from "where you live"(which it wasn't) to "where you work"... And thus did the traffic increase...but it seems enough walked over the field to the bridge to make the lovely path. My DH goes that way to work instead of driving.

What inspires me about this photo is what it might look like from the air. SO, I am thinking of a golden-with-subtle green garment that has paths of verdant green(love that idea) style lines snaking through.

Isn't imagination fun?