Saturday, 10 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show - treasures

Here is a tantalising glimpse of the treasures I got at the show.

Among the treasures,
-a portable loom for making braid

- some Japanese braiding kits. (you can make these yourself, but I thought if I had a proper kit with instructions, I can make some up for the students. They have to do samples of applying braid, so they may as well have a go with making some of their own so they won't be limited by choice in the future.)

-a free bag of bumph from Anchor for tutors!

-an extreme crochet hook

-a variety of wire bullion. I am collecting for a "real plan" (as opposed to the imaginary ones I get all too frequently!) I got nearly one of each colour. You already got one free if you got 5, so that was fine with me...the price was good, but when I put them all on the table for the man to count up, he decided just to add a selection of 4 different wire jewellery kits free as well!

-some non-toxic spray fabric paint. They were actually demoing the spray dyes, which I may get in the future, but I decided on the metallic, which has more of a paint effect. I want to use it when we talk about texture.

-the booklet for the art of the stitch exhibit...a very good exhibit - no photos. I am usually reluctant to buy the books, but this was a reasonable price and there were more than a few pieces I want to remember.

-and a lovely bag full of dyed natural pearls and semi-precious stone chips.

This is a busy weekend as we are doing our Harvest events at church as well. So, the posting is late.

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