Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Staffordshire Hoard

Although I am still trying to get a spare moment to get the last Connect-Disconnect piece done for our EquilARTeral group, we have already decided what to do next.

I am very excited! We are each going to do a piece based on the Staffordshire Hoard! Then we will mount them on Artist canvas which will be painted earthy brown, and so tie the 3 pieces together.

What is the Staffordshire Hoard? From the Flicker site from the Birmingham Museum and Gallery "The Staffordshire Hoard is an unparalleled treasure find dating from Anglo-Saxon times.The quality and the quantity of this unique treasure is remarkable. The hoard was first discovered in July 2009. It has sparked enormous interest from archaeologists, historians, press and public since the news about the find was released on September 24th."

I saw one or two photos on the newspaper and telly, but here is the link to photos of the pieces.
I am also going to try to embed a video of the archaeological dig where they found more of the pieces.

Staffordshire hoard excavation from Dan Pett on Vimeo.

This is so up my street! I have done a few pieces based on the Middle Ages, so this will be quite exciting. Besides, it gives plenty of scope for bling!

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