Friday, 9 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching Show

Very tired after a long and inspirational day...and a long wait on the A10 taking 1 hour to go 1 mile and that doesn't count the time to do the rest of that stretch.

So, here is a photo of what greeted visitors walking into the Knitting and Stitching show.
A boat knitted from wool, fabric strips and all sorts! Done by various groups of people, but organised by Extreme Knitting.
Tomorrow I will show you some of my purchases and talk about what I saw. But I did buy a large crochet hook from Extreme Knitting (I don't knit). We shall see what develops... as you know, I have enough ideas for more than one lifetime!


Goosey said...

I was there too, it was good although I found Alexandra Palace very difficult to get to and it took us 6 and half hours to get there from Dorset!Loved the stuff on sale there and bought too much! Hey Ho!

Sandy said...

Hi Goosey,
We struggled to get home...spent about an hour on a one mile stretch on the A10 north to get up to the M25. 3 lanes down to 1 and numerous pedestrian crossing lights which didn't help!

I had a look at your blog and saw the poppies photo. We noticed some growing at the top of the bank along the M25 where they are widening the road somewhere between the M40 and Hemel Hempstead. Not just the odd straggler but swathes of them. I thought it was unseasonable as well. But they sure are cheerful.