Thursday, 1 October 2009

presenting colour

Some of the work we are doing in the C+G Fashion course have to do with design. I showed you the accessories colour wheel.

I am also going to have the students select different colour schemes and use dye to drop the colours onto fabric with a pipette. one of the focuses of the new version of the course is how to blend the design exercises with the techniques and garments the students are making. So, we are colouring the fabric with dye, rather than painting paper. This teaches a technique which is easier to apply to sewing and designing garments.

When I was at C+G headquarters in London on the training day, they also stressed that they want to see presentation methods which are relative to what is being taught. So, as we are focusing on skirts this year, here is a method to showcase the dyed fabrics the students have made. The cut out sections can be used in other ways as well.

In this photo, I am actually using hand dyes I already have, but it works for showing the students.
Actually, this is another reason for samples. You can use them for illustrating a point.

PS I got the aperture idea from Sue Jarman who taught my C+G design. But these are from my own drawing.

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