Thursday, 22 October 2009

Deep Space - advice?

Here is Deep Space. It is not finished. I am finding it very difficult to go further with this. It is okay, but not wonderful. I know how I want to quilt the sun, but the planets?

Any advice on how to quilt the planets?
Any advice on how to get it to be alive and not flat looking?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


Marianne said...

Have you thought of shading the non-sunny sides of the planets? That would add some dimention to the overall impression. You could then leave the sunny side un-quilted and that would make that side pop out a bit. If you haven't already put the quilt sandwich together you could also trapunto the planets; the ones nearest the sun the most, to create depth.
Have fun playing

Sandy said...

Tht'a a good idea Marianne. At least it gives me something hopeful to attempt when I get back to it. I don't think I can trapunto at this stage, but I like the shading idea.

Someone on FFFblog suggested tulle "atmosphere". I might audition some and see what I think.

Julia in NZ said...


It makes me think of Third Rock from the Sun, so my inclination would be to add something quirky, like a space ship and some 'bounce' lines for it to be hitting a planet or two! It is worth finishing - the composition is good.

Sandy said...

Thanks Julia,
Maybe I should do quirky!

Anyway, I do want to thank you for the encouragement on the composition. I did try harder with that than I usually do.

I probably will get back to it. If nothing else, I know someone who would love it for Christmas!