Wednesday, 28 January 2009

workshop sample

Tomorrow I am seeing Simon at the library about more workshops. Here is another workshop idea...probably for the month of March, since Mothering Sunday falls in March this year. I really want to do sewing with the students, but as I have said before, there is a limit to room and there are Health and Safety issues to consider. So, here is a simple quick-to-hand-sew project. Just two scraps of fabric, embroidery thread, a bit of toy stuffing, and a thicker small scrap of fabric to put a few drops of lavender or rose or something on.

Today I went to a training session about digital cameras. Although I can work mine pretty well, I thought I might discover a few things. However, it was mainly about using the college cameras and how to get the photos from it onto your memory stick using the computers at college. So it was useful. I know what to do if I forget my own camera sometime and want to record student work.

I find mine easier to use. But I also had the opportunity to have a go with Adobe Photoshop. I have Paint Shop Pro. I know I don't do all I could with it. the version of Adobe Photoshop they have at least seems quite user friendly. The drop down menus have visuals on the buttons, etc. So, it is useful to know a little about the programme. You need to "embed" ICT into lessons nowadays, so I can have a little session with learners about manipulating photos. I hope to show them how to print on photo sheets, so if we have a little session with the computer, I will at least be able to get them to the explore part of getting into Photoshop.

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