Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

This morning the radio said that since the weather has been much colder this year, the snowdrops are later than they have been for some time. If you have snowdrops in your garden in Berkshire, you are some of the first. Well, I have snowdrops in my front garden. I noticed them Sunday. The daffs and crocuses are poking up the tips of their stems in the back garden, but that is in a sun trap where we have had hyacinths way before April. The snowdrops are just growing in the edge of the grass under the Mock Orange Blossom bush.

I like snowdrops. They don't grow where I come from. I like the fact that the name is similar to our surname. I love a flower that you have to nearly stand on your head to discover the interesting bits! Who is meant to enjoy them? Insects and other crawly things are all hiding away from the cold.

But I also like the fact that there are flowers brave enough to start in January! I have a late flowering fuchsia nearby that only just died off a few weeks ago and now we have snowdrops. I begin to think I can cope with the rest of winter when the snowdrops tell me Spring is coming.

I love Spring in England. It lasts forever.

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