Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Stitch Enhancement

I am working on samples for one of my courses again. For this sample, I am enhancing a printed fabric with Free Motion Embroidery (FME). The fabric is actually one I would normally consider too outrageous. However, somehow, by filling in the shapes with patterns, it makes it a bit more elegant. I started it sometime ago, and have grown to love it.

Here is a bit more detail, with the flash. I think I will probably do a bit more on it still. I left off working on it before, when my other machine died. After having done the last few journals quilts, I realised I am now better at the FME, so it would be fun to do again. Besides, it was a tutor meeting this morning and by the time I was home it was another one of those days where I couldn't really get into something else.

I have more of the fabric, and of course I am "saving" it, now that I realise how special it is, and I may not be able to find more.

However, with the piece I already started, I am going to make a cover for my diary.
Not that my diary needs a cover. I like it small and silvery as it is. But, it is my college diary and can serve as a badge of "What I Can Do". Since I never seem to have clothing for me to represent that, a diary cover will do.

And ever the prosaic type, it will help me trial an idea for a diary/journal cover pattern which I may teach elsewhere, like the library. The library ones will not be so posh, as I can't take sewing machines, etc. But if the pattern works, then we can make them from something that doesn't require cords trailing across the library floor or irons for littlies to burn themselves on. I think I may market the library version as a book cover to protect your book when you go on holiday.

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Kathleen C. said...

That is fascinating... how the stitching changes the look of the print. It gives it more depth... almost makes it look painted.