Thursday, 29 January 2009

Library workshop dates

Liz on the Complexcloth list asked about rust and indigo dyed cloth. I tried that this past summer. I already had rusted the fabric and when my friend had an indigo vat going, I picked up a few of the scraps to see "What would happen if?" (The eternal question that keeps an artist going.) So I took a photo of the results to show how it ended up. Well, they need pressed, but I like them. Wish I had done more than two scraps.

I made another little scented sachet. The first one had lavender and this one has rose essential oil in it. I may make one of these more suited for a man. I don't know if a man would want one in the drawer with his smalls or not! I have some cedarwood oil, but it is a bit over powering compared to the driving your nose into the floor of the woodshed. I may go look for something else.

Simon thought the ideas for workshops for the months ahead were great. His boss was quite excited about the idea of the workshops at these libraries as none of the other libraries are doing Adult Crafts. So, now to crack on with sampes for the other workshops.

The little "Thinking of You" tags workshops I mentioned the other day will be the 10th Feb. from 2-4pm at Birch Hill and the 11th from 2-4pm at Great Hollands. The Sachets Workshops will be in March. 18th March from 2-4pm at Great Hollands and 19th March from 10-12am at Birch Hill.

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